If your goal is to find a great place to shoot archery, hang out and have fun you have come to the right place!

We offer it all. Our welcoming, no pressure, casual atmosphere draws shooters of all skill levels for the pure enjoyment of shooting archery and having a good time. But make no mistake, if you want to become a better archer there are plenty of members willing to share their considerable years of experience to help you get there.

Located on 40 wooded acres in Suamico WI, Golden Arrow Archery Club has been the best outdoor place to shoot archery in the Green Bay area for over 40 years.

Golden Arrow Archery Club offers a total of 7 courses and ranges of various shooting formats to fit the needs of vertually any archer. The facilities include our 3D Archery Course, NFAA Field Archery Course, Crossbow 3D Archery Course, and Broadhead Archery Course as well as our Target Practice Range, Long Distance Sight-In Range,  and Broadhead Practice Range.

Multiple archery leagues are offered during the summer for your shooting enjoyment. The courses and ranges are fogged on league nights to reduce mosquitoes. The clubhouse is open on league nights and offers great burgers, beverages and outdoor fellowship to enhance your shooting experience. Come shoot, eat, drink, and talk about archery and the great outdoors. We encourage spouses and kids to join in the fun.