Archery Leagues

Golden Arrow Archery Club runs several archery league formats in an effort to appeal to variety of shooters, equipment, and skill levels. Whatever your shooting goal, whether you are a bowhunter or target archer, our archery leagues will help you become a better shooter.

Summer Leagues

During the summer 3D and NFAA archery leagues sharpen skills and provide great entertainment as well as get you ready for the fall bowhunting season. Summer Archery League begins in mid May and runs for 14 weeks.

Hunting Tune Up League

In mid to late August we feature a Broadhead Archery League. The purpose of this archery league is to tune up for the fall bowhunting archery deer season using the equipment you will use to hunt with. The archery league is shot at soil/sand backstops with suspended Neceedah style deer silhouettes hanging out in front of the backstop. The arrows pass through the silhouette and the holes are used for scoring. Each archer covers their holes with masking tape for the next archer. The course runs through the clubs wooded property. It features elevated shots and is great practice for the upcoming hunting season. Broadhead Archery League begins in mid August and runs 4 Weeks on Wednesdays.

Non Member League Participation

Archery league participants are not required to join the club to shoot a league. Non members will however be required to pay the non-member shooting fee. We encourage you to join as you will find that the total cost for participating is less as a member and membership provides access to all club facilities and open shooting year round.

If you are a non member you must shoot your league score on Wendnesday night or be accompanied by a member during hours that the club is officially closed. You are not allowed on club property alone at times when the club is not open.