3D Archery Course

Our wooded 3D Archery Course is designed to prepare the bowhunter and challenge the 3D archer. The course features 14 lifelike 3D animal targets and 4 elevated shooting platforms. Our standard round is 2 arrows per target.

Distances are unmarked. Shots range from 10 to 50 yards and the course is set up with three shooting class stakes – Unlimited, Hunter, and Cub.

This archery course is a great option for honing your yardage estimation skills and preparing under realistic hunting conditions.

Crossbows are welcome on the 3D archery course with the exception of Compound 3D Leauge night.

Rules – 3 D Animal Round

  • 14 Animal Targets
  • Shoot 2 arrows per target
  • Shoot from your chosen class stake, each class stake is a different color.
  • Each shooting stake and target has a number on it.
  • Distances are unmarked. No range finders or measuring allowed
  • Binoculars are allowed
  • Do not break or move brush
  • Foot should be touching (or very close) to the shooting stake
  • Classes
    • Unlimited Class – No equipment restrictions
    • Hunter Class – Must use a stabilizer that is 12” or less and a sight that extends beyond the bow no more than 6″
    • Cub – No Equipment Restrictions
  • There are 4 elevated stands on the course – At times there may be more than one stake and target for the platform.
  • Target Scoring – 12, 10, 8, 5, 0
  • Total possible points for the round = 336
  • Follow the signs and arrows to find your way around the course
  • Observe safe shooting rules