NFAA Archery Course

Our sanctioned NFAA Archery Course is a 300 Field round format. The archery course is set through the forest and features 14 shooting stations requiring a total of 60 shots per round.

Distances are marked and range from 20 feet out to 80 yards. Target faces are NFAA sanctioned round targets with the size based on distance.

This archery course is a terrific option to work on your pure archery shooting skills and form. Unlike the 3D archery course there are no variables, like yardage estimation and unmarked targets, to interfere with your shooting performance. With known distances and clearly marked bulls eyes the only variables to the shot are your form, shot execution and equipment.

Being an NFAA sanctioned archery course your scores are comparable with those shot around the world since the format is the same worldwide. On this archery course you can compare youself with the best in the world or just shoot it for the pure enjoyment of working on your archery shooting skills out to long distances.

NFAA 15 Target “300” Round – Rules

Ten targets are shot from one distance at a prescribed size target. Archer shoots 4 arrows from that one distance at each target. Distances are as follows:

  • 15, 20, 25, 30 yards at a 35cm diameter target
  • 40, 45, 50 yards at a 50 cm diameter target
  • 55, 60, 65 yards at a 65 cm diameter target

Four targets are walk up targets. Archer shoots one arrow at each distance for a total of 4 arrows per target.

  • 45, 40, 35, 30 yards at a 50 cm diameter target
  • 65, 60, 55, 50 yards at a 65 cm diameter target
  • 30, 25, 20, 15 yards at a 35 cm diameter target

One target is a fan target. On this target four arrows are shot from 40 yards but there are 4 stakes at 40 yards in a fan formation. Archer shoots one arrow from each stake

One target is a “Rabbit” target – just a name not the shape of the target, it is still round. This is a walk up target but is very short. There are 4 target faces for each archer to shoot at. The distances are as follows:

  • 35, 30, 25, 20 feet  at a 20 cm diameter target


  • Center black circle is 5 points – X ring inside the center black circle used for tie breakers
  • White ring is 4 points
  • Outer black ring is 3 points
  • Miss is 0 points

Golden Arrow’s NFAA course has yellow signs at each shooting station with the station number and directions on how to shoot that target. The distance stakes are really florescent orange bricks embedded in the ground that have the distance marked on them.

Please observe safe shooting rules and ettiquette.