Target Practice Archery Range

20140804_190505[1]Golden Arrow Archery Club has one of the best outdoor Practice/Sight in archery ranges in the state of Wisconsin.

Golden Arrow Archery’s primary sight in archery range has undergone a complete rebuild in the last couple of years. The old archery range was cleared of trees, fill was added and leveled. This created a beautiful open shooting space surrounded by woods.

This archery range features ten 36″ by 36″ square bag targets on stands ranging from 5 to 50 yards. Both the targets and the shooting stations are marked for distance. Each shooting station  features a bow holder as well as an arrow holder. 20140802_173848Behind the shooting line, a large work station and bow rack provides the ability to work on your bow right at the range. The whole area is surrounded by railroad ties and lined with gravel. There is even a picnic table to sit at and relax. Like all of the ranges on the property this range will be fogged for insects at least once per week on leauge night during the summer. All equipment types, including crossbows, are welcome on this archery range. The only restriction is no use of broadheads.


Spending time on a range like this is critical to becoming a better bowhunter. You can fine tune both your equipment as well as your form better on a sight in range than on a 3D course. 3D however is great for simulating hunting conditions.

Everyone is required to follow strict shooting range safety and etiquette rules. These rules are posted on the board in front of the clubhouse. Crossbow users are required to follow universally accepted firearms range rules.