Broadhead Practice Archery Range

Golden Arrow’s Broadhead Practice Archery Range provides Green Bay and Brown County archers with a special place to sight in for bowhunting season.

Practice on a range like this is critical to preparing for the bowhunting season. While the target sight in range can help you with your form and equipment the Broadhead Archery Range helps you dial in your bowhunting set up using your actual hunting broadheads. Every one owes it to the animals we hunt and to the sport of bowhunting to insure accuracy for a humane hunt.

The archery range consists of targets with ranges from 10 to 35 yards in 5 yard increments. The targets themselves are soil/sand butts with suspended deer silhouette targets.

In addition, Golden Arrow provides block style foam targets that can be moved around the archery course for practice by those that do not wish to shoot their broadheads into dirt backstops.

All types of archery equipment are allowed on the Broadhead Practice Archery Range including crossbows.

The archery range is set in mid august immediately after the end of summer leagues.