Archery Courses & Ranges

Golden Arrow Archery Club offers a variety of archery courses and ranges to appeal to all types of archers from beginner to expert, bowhunter to target archer.
The club welcomes all archers using any manner of archery equipement to particpate and use club facilities.  The club encourages archers using long bows, recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows to join the club and  use any of the ranges on club property.
Please use the links on the navigation toolbar to learn about the various courses and ranges found on club property and the proper use of each.
Golden Arrow Archery Club requires all members and guests to conduct themselves in a safe manner. Please follow safe archery shooting and range procedures at all times while on club grounds. Crossbow users will be held to strict firearms safety rules when on club property. If you are unsure of the rules you will find them posted on the board outside of the club house.
Safety is everyone’s concern. The club encourages anyone observing unsafe activities to immediatley inform the violators of proper safety and ettiquette and to report the incident to club officers.
The club board reserves the right to revoke memberships and privileges or ban individuals from the property if safety rules are violated.